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HS Code stands for Harmonized System. It as developed by the WCO (World Customs organization) as a multipurpose international product nomenclature that describes the type good that is shipped.

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The Quick View would help you to find the HS Code of a specific product along the picture.

Applicable Levies

Duty rates have a great impact on your final outcome. But at the same time, duty rates are not constant all the time. Therefore, you may get the Applicable Levies of your product or good to the latest update including the preferential rates if applicable through this site.

Duty Calculations

As an importer, knowing the total levies to be paid prior to import, is a very big advantage for business planning. You can calculate the applicable levies simply entering the cost in any currency and quantity.

Regulating Authorities

Knowing them to the deepest point would always keep the traders in the safe zone. Importation of certain specific goods are regulated by different authorities. This site would provide you the brief knowledge of regulating authorities and the goods come under the preview of specific authority. Further would guide you to the process of obtaining approval from the regulating authorities, together with providing the platform for all the documents required in the regulations, in a segregation of the regulatory bodies.

Customs House Agents

A suitable, trustworthy, efficient Customs House Agent matters much in the convenience as well as in the final outcome of the imports and exports process. As they are the bridge between importer and the customs, having a proper knowledge of them would help the traders to a great extent and would help them to choose the most ideal agent for their need. Therefore, this site provides very useful, reliable, unbiased information in selection of clearing agents.

News Update

To thrive in the competitive international trade, it is vital to always be updated with the news updates regarding the world trade. This site serves the best on this regard on which you can get a complete picture of the news updates on the international trade.

As a whole the site serves you as well give you a helping hand in the A to Z fo your imports and exports process.

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